Strider 12" Sport Bike | Strider

Strider 12" Sport Bike | Strider

$ 159.99

Product description

The Sport is our best all-around model. 

Mini-grips mean little mitts can easily take control and make this lean, mean, durable bike the biggest bang for your buck, which is 
probably why it's our best seller. 

The 12 Sport is the perfect bike to take your child from baby steps 
to big strides, all without busting out a toolkit (tool-free seat and 
handlebar adjustment AND tires that never go flat). 

The Strider Sport has a seat height range from 28-48 cm (11-19 in.), 
which means it fits a huge range of inseam lengths (30-51 cm [12-20 

The cushy, padded seat and an additional extra-long seatpost 
means your child will get years out of their Strider.

Boring specs aside, this is the bike that introduces kids to the 
freedom, power, and responsibility of riding. 

Now they have the power to keep up with you when you're out and 
about. No more strollers. 

Your child can experience the truly amazing freedom that comes 
with being a part of the Strider family.
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